Web Development

Website Development Services focused on PHP and WP coding and customization.

  • Business Growth

Business Tools & CRM Solutions

Engage Customers, Manage your Leads, Manage Email Lists and Event Registration. Ave offers engaging open-source PHP application integration and customization for many business needs!

Open-Source Business Tools
  • Application and PHP Web Development

PHP Development

Through both object-oriented and procedural PHP coding, Ave offers coding services to suit most PHP development needs. Now coding up to PHP 7+

PHP Development Services
In-House Sales Training
  • JavaScript + jQuery = Beautiful.

Javascript Development

In an increasingly asynchronous world, JavaScript just keeps climbing the charts. Let ave code and test your JavaScript-based feature – or, just make a few tweaks. It’s all about your JS coding needs.

JavaScript Development Services

Coding and PHP Application Deployment

Let two open-source standards come together to power the web. I can offer both hand-coding from scratch and code edits.

Business Tools
and CRM Solutions

Bring key business tools to web with open-source PHP applications. Take charge of customer tracking, manage sales, or sell online


Offering from-scratch PHP coding services alongside simple PHP edits and WordPress Plugin Development


Offering a wide range of procedural javascript development services, with object-oriented JS editing services as well