For an up-to-date view of my policies, you can also check out my contract!
Refunds for terminate website contracts will depend on the circumstances behind the termination. All acceptable causes and reason(s) for termination are outlined in the contract.

Texas residents will be charged 8.25% sales tax

All projects are to be done under either a one-time development contract or an ongoing web development contract. Both contracts serve as an invaluable assurance for both the client and the consultant.

All contracts will be sent through the digital signature service, which allows signing parties to either sign the document digitally or draw out their signature (like writing with a mouse, it provides the blank) . There is no additional charge for this service.

All images/content provided by the client must be legal for the client to use and redistribute. It is the client’s sole responsibility to verify the copyright, licensing, intellectual property, model release, and usage rights for all provided images, media, and content. I reserve the right to refuse inclusion of any material or content that I believe to be copyrighted or text plagiarized from other websites. If you feel that your media has been used on one of my client’s sites without authorization, please contact me through the contact page immediately. I use a variety of public domain image repositories for most images, and licensed images may be acquired through various premium sources as needed. 

Note that I will not copy or attempt to duplicate an existing website unless explicitly authorized by the owner of the website’s usage rights. General design styles, however, may be used as allowed.

I’m sorry – I do not offer any services involving Adobe Flash.

Ave Web Design does not offer website hosting. All clients must provide their own website hosting, but I will generally be happy to offer recommendations for your domain and hosting needs (an additional consulting service)

I appreciate any referrals for web design services that can be offered, however I cannot offer any direct compensation for referrals (with the exceptions of previous arrangements or sales contractors)
PSD, .GIF, .JPG, .ZIP (archive), .OSD,.RTF, .DOC, .PDF, .RAR, .PNG, .GMP, .ODF. Other formats may be accepted depending on website needs.

Upon full completion of payment, the web site design materials will be provided to the client via either digital means (FTP, ZIP by email, etc), or posted to the intended website directory or other contractually-arranged delivery. Previews for graphics design and image editing may be watermarked prior to preview, however the final content will be in a form with the watermark removed.

All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure the privacy of my clients. All email is considered confidential unless otherwise noted, and I will happily sign a Non-Disclosure agreement if requested. Email archives are stored indefinitely where possible (barring hardware or technical issues), for purpose(s) of specifications, resolution of any disagreements or disputes relating to the services provided, or as otherwise deemed necessary). Web site projects requiring HIPAA or other stringent privacy requirements may be refused or referred respectively.

All sales will be conducted in an ethical manner, with integrity, and in accordance with these ethics and policies. I reserve the right to utilize commission-based sales contractors to solicit new leads and business, however the utmost care will be taken to ensure that these policies are upheld. I will personally review all quotes to ensure that the specifications and features offered are reasonable and that no extraneous or otherwise unrequested features have been added. In the event you are unsatisfied with an affiliated salesman or saleswoman, please let me know as soon as possible via the contact page. Affiliated staff caught tampering with, altering, overcharging, or otherwise treating the customer unfairly may face immediate termination and the loss of any related commission for the particular project(s) affected at my sole discretion.

Unfortunately, I do not offer to do spec work, or work done purely on a speculative basis.

In some cases, Proprietary software and/or licensed images may be used in conjunction with my services. I license adobe’s Photoshop CS5 industry-standard software suite (verification available on request). However, I generally specialize in Open-Source content management systems, which are released to the public for use (whether commercial or personal) for free generally under the GNU/GPU licenses. See each content management system’s project site below for more Information. The client bears all responsibility for verifying usage rights and license compliance. If there are any licensing complaints, please immediately forward issue via the contact form, or by phone at 512.739.9800.

Although it should go without saying, just to re-iterate, I do not knowingly plagiarize text from or fully copy websites. While general layouts or aesthetic “feels” can be used (unless protected by applicable trademark or otherwise prohitibited) , copying a website in it’s entirety is not only against the law – it’s just not right. The customer bears all responsibility for verifying the usage rights of any copyrighted or sourced content. Note – I will happily duplicate websites owned by my clients, and i do offer wordpress platform conversion services in those cases.

All revisions to project specifications will incur the flat hourly rate of $75, unless they’re to correct errors caused by Austin Themes directly. All revised specifications submitted after contract signature will be considered additional for all contractual purposes. Austin themes reserves the right to refuse project revisions after work has begun on the contract, or where technical limitations prevent their completion, but most reasonable changes will be accepted and added to the todo list..

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a lawyer. The information above does not constitute legal advice in any way, form, or fashion. Licensing info is provided above in the form of links to their respective open-source software projects and release info. If you have any legal questions, please consult an appropriate legal professional with any issues and concerns, and/or to ensure compliance with the ever-changing nature of the laws relating to the internet. Clients are responsible for verifying all licensing for provided materials on their website.